Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Muddu Krishnas shine at Janmashtami Celebrations

Manglaore, Sep 1: The city is in a festive mood with Krishna Janmashtami celebrations in full swing, with events like pot-breaking competitions and fancy dress marking the occasion.

Kalkura Pratishtana, a cultural organisation, too celebrated the event with Sri Krishna Vesha Sparde, a national-level children's fest held at Sri Manjunata Temple, Kadri here on Wednesday September 1.

Addressing the gathering, Kalkura Pratishtana president Pradeep Kumar Kalkura said that such competitions bring out the hidden Krishna in each child, encouraging the parents to see the reflection of god in their children. Moreover, parents are also motivated to inculcate in their children the attributes of Krishna which will help them to face different aspects of life with courage, he said. Kalkura also elaborated on the 14 different categories which comprised the competition.

The categories are Kanda Krishna for the tinytots below one year, Muddu Krishna for toddlers above one year and below two years, Tunta Krishna for toddlers of two to three years, Balakrishna for the kindergarten and LKG kids, Kishora Krishna for the UKG and kids of std I, Sri Krishna for std II, III and IV, Geetha Krishna and Yaksha Krishna for students up to std VII.

These apart, in the category Radha Krishna all students up to std VII participated while women also participated in the category Yashoda Krishna. Shankhanada is slated to be held in two categories, one for students up to std VII and the other open to all.

The new category introduced in the current year is that of Devaki Krishna, wherein the mother of a child participating as Krishna performed the role of Devaki.

The Krishna veshadharis had their own uniqueness and were the centre of attention. One Krishna with a chariot which was designed with a fuel engine to move caught everyone's eye. Other Krishnas sitting on trucks also attracted the audience.

A large number of children participated in the competitions. The varieties of the Krishna vesha ranged from Govardhana Giridhari, Kalinga Nartana Krishna, Tunta Krishna to Geethopadesha Krishna.
In order to create interest in Indian culture among children, the pratishtana also organised Sri Krishna quiz competition for students up to std VII.

Ten prominent artists from the city painted the pictures of Shree Krishna in a canvas which added colour to the celebrations in the temple.

'Guru Dakshina', a Yakshagana episode by Bala Yaksha Koota will be the highlight of the event and will be held to mark the end of the cultural competition.

Pics: Dayanand Kukkaje

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